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name Leo J. Borrell was born in Tampa, Florida of Cuban immigrant parents. He graduated from Emory University Medical School and undertook post-graduate training at a Harvard University Residency training program.

He has published and spoken extensively on various areas of interest and expertise, including medical, management, entrepreneurship and organization of rapidly growing companies. He has served on the boards of several specialty organizations, has been active in numerous local and national professional organizations, and has received several awards of recognition.

Dr. Borrell has developed several healthcare companies with revenues of 3-30 million dollars. He had further education in organizational development and physician management through training at such institutions as the A. K. Rice Institute, American College of Physician Executives, Harvard Medical School, The Levinson Institute, Harvard Law School, and graduated from the International Management and Development Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He is currently on the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School, as well as monitoring at the University of Houston School for Entrepreneurship.

Strategies For Overcoming Opposition To Organizational Change

25th June 2010
It is human nature to reject what we picture as different. Change demands that we work to learn a new set of principles, when the old rules may have suited us just fine. In reality, neither our individual nor professional lives will forever be aligned wit... Read >